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If you fish offshore and want to keep your rights to continue fishing offshore join the Fishing Rights Alliance. For 2009 the Red snapper season will be from June 1 to August 15.The limit will be only two fish per angler. If you want to continue losing your right to fish offshore do not click on the link below, however if you want to make a difference check out these guys.

The Fishing Rights Alliance
Join The FRA

I no longer support CCA. They are devising and promoting a scheme to sell red snapper quotas to the recreational fisherman. It is a public resource that only a chosen few will be able to fish. It is wrong. Call or email CCA and tell them not to sell our fishery. 

If you own a gun or believe in the United States Constitution you need to join the National Rifle Association and Vote every election. Enough said.

National Rifle Association

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